Dianogstic Esaay on Love Essay

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Antoinette Moore Ms.Rivera English 1002 22 August 2012 Love is a passionate affection for someone or something, a feeling or attachment that cannot be broken. Love is something that you are taught to do. You’re not born with it, meaning you have to have a positive role model or some sort to teach you how to love. Love is not showed by what you do for someone. It lies within your heart. In Rumi’s quote “God does not look at your outer forms, but at the love within your love,” I believe that the love it is referring to is the love in your heart. I often hear people say that wherever your heart is that is where your treasure is. The meaning of this quote is quite simple to me. I believe that it is saying that when dealing with God, he judges you based on your heart. I don’t believe that you are saints, or a Christian based on what you do for people, but how you do it. Do you do it out of love or just to be seen my man? That is a good question to ask yourself. The truth of the matter is, you first, have to learn to love yourself before loving someone else. When loving yourself first, you can love others more. Your presents and love can sometimes break a person or make a person. There was a time in my life when I cared more about myself then others. I love myself more than other. I met a friend about 4 years ago who was down and I had to show her real love. She thought about suicide. At that point and time in my life, I felt that she needed me more than I needed myself. It taught make that things for me could’ve been worst. I real had to get off my breaks, forget about myself and help her. My presence alone helped her through what she was going through. Now she is living fine, with two beautiful boys and she’s happy. My love saved a life. I believe that God held my accountable for that, because I saw a need for love and I handled it. Everyone needs love. God is a

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