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The speaker of this speech is Diana Laufenberg, a social studies teacher from Wisconsin. She is an active blogger who writes about education, is a member of the Governor’s Master Teacher Corps, has a featured piece on the New York Times learning blog, has co-written a chapter in an educational leadership book, and regularly contributes to teachinghistory.org. Laufenberg has taught history courses in all grade levels from seventh through twelfth. She was named Technology Teacher of the Year for Arizona and has recently earned National Board Certification. She is currently teaching eleventh-grade American history at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, a one-to-one project-based laptop school where all students and teachers use Macintosh computers as their central learning tool. In the video, Laufenberg gives a speech in a large auditorium at the November’s Mid-Atlantic region educational conference, organized by TED talks. Laufenberg begins the speech using a pathos approach by talking about how her grandmother went to school to acquire information in the 1930’s. She then fast-forwards to her father’s generation, and then to our generation of education. In order to learn, people in previous generations had to travel to the school because the information resided in the books and in the teachers’ heads. She stated that it was during the time before she began teaching and after she graduated high school that we had begun to truly see the evolution of the internet. Afterwards, she continues discussing her teaching tribulations in Kansas and Arizona before she finally reached Philadelphia. She moved out there to be part of a learning process that endorsed the way that she believed kids should learn. “I really wanted to investigate what was possible when you are willing to let go of some of the paradigms of the past, of information scarcity when my

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