Diamond Mines In South Africa Essay

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Diamond Mines of South Africa Technology, a Blessing or a Curse Team B Since the discovery of diamonds in South Africa, its citizens have experienced many changes in their daily routines. Some of these changes have been positive, and some negative. Diamonds have the potential to change the country’s economical status immediately. This valuable resource can be sold, traded, and even transformed to make tools. The demand for these precious stones increases its value, and at the same time, it increases the conflicts. Conflicts that go unresolved can slow the progress of even the richest countries. South Africa is not the exception. In the past, South Africa relied on rudimentary methods to extract the diamonds from the Kimberlites. As technology arrived, the country was able to extract those precious stones faster and began to see its economy grow. Unfortunately, having the resources to grow is not enough for a country to pull itself out of poverty. It requires the governments to effectively manage the resources and share them with all citizens in the form of services. South Africa has taken big steps forward to better its infrastructure. The building of schools has also demonstrated the country’s intention to better educate its citizens. Furthermore, South Africa has begun to take the role of a leader in the African continent. Then, why are the South African people struggling? The struggles of South Africa come from one area; in fact many countries suffer from the same faith. Not all of its citizens are seeing the benefits of extracting diamonds. About forty percent of South African citizens live in poverty. This high level of poverty does not allow the country to grow at a fast rate; it is what causes rebellions and slows progress. South Africa’s government is faced with a difficult dilemma, the diamonds that can get the country out of

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