Dialogue at Three in the Morning Essay

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The story under analysis is a short story “Dialogue at Three in the Morning” which was published in the magazine “The New Yorker” by Dorothy Parker in 1926. Dorothy Parker - was an American poet, short story writer, critic and satirist. In the 1920s alone she published some 300 poems and free verses in Vanity Fair, Vogue, "The Conning Tower" and The New Yorker as well as Life, McCall's and The New Republic. It’s a story about the woman who met her friend one day at the restaurant. She was very sad and felt unhappy. Her friend tried to reassure and to support her, but it was in vain. She complained of everything and everyone. Then the waiter appeared. “Dialogue at Three in the Morning” belongs to belles-lettres functional style, the main aim of which is to give the readers aesthetic pleasure, to make them think and to entertain them. The story’s told in the third person from the viewpoint of an omniscient anonymous narrator. But during the action we deal with the change of the type of narration: from the author’s narrative to the dialogue between the main characters. Accordingly to the title of the short story, we can understand that the action takes part at three o’clock in the morning. But the author advisedly denotes the wrong time. The couple is at the restaurant. The place isn’t mentioned directly. We can determine it by presence of the third character– the waiter who appears at the end of the action. The first word of the title “dialogue” has a tinge of irony. It’s rather a monologue of a bit drunk woman. From the very beginning we meet the woman in the petunia-colored hat. She offers a glass of straight Scotch. The communicative situation is highly informal. The vocabulary includes colloquial words and expressions such as “Hell with it”, “Hell with them all” “blab”, “cracks”. The high speed of the protagonist’s speech and the flow of words show that

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