Dialectical Journal The God Of Small Things

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Mackenzie Worley ENG 3250 November 5, 2012 Journal #5 Journal #5 In “The God of Small Things”, the society is very concerned so called “Big Things”. These “big things” I’ve noticed are things such as the caste system, marriage and political affiliation. Even though the society is so focused on these “big things”, Roy makes sure to direct us towards the “small things”, which is ironic because of the title of the novel. There a many different “small things” talked about in this novel. They range from small creatures and their different activities to secrets, promises, sins, and many other things. Many people do not want to acknowledge these small things throughout the novel. It is almost as if the small things do not even exist to a lot of the characters. They block them out of their lives and only focus on the bigger things when really the small things can be just as important as the big. The characters strive for things that are culturally significant. These are things such as a titled political life or an honorable family. In my opinion it is almost as if the characters shun the small things in their lives. Because of this they must find security in places such as the river and the History…show more content…
Velutha is the “The God of Small Things”. He slips from place to place without being noticed. He takes the time to notice and enjoy the small things without noticing one big thing. The big thing is the fact that he is an Untouchable and should not be playing with Rahel and Estha or sleeping with their mother. Along with being called “The God of Small Things”, Velutha is also called the “The God of Loss”. This title he is given references the loneliness that comes with living along with the small things. At the same time of feeling this loneliness the characters recognize that the influential presence of the small things means knowing that they are never alone. There is always someone watching
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