Dialectical Journal Chapter 7.1 Summary

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Chapter 7 1. Why does Stoker give the information about The Demeter in the form of a newspaper article? * The chapter begins in the form of a newspaper article because Mina cut clippings of the local paper and pasted it in her journal. 2. How does Stoker intimate to the reader that there is something supernatural about what is happening to the ship? * The newspaper describes the storm very intensely, “One of the greatest and suddenest storms on record”. People gathered on the hill to watch the ship and everyone was mentioned on how strangely it was being steered. When it got close, the people realized that the pilot was dead. 3. How is the story of The Demeter used to create suspense? * The destruction of the ship…show more content…
My face is ghastly pale, and my throat pains me.” Also her lack of blood shows the paradox of her condition, Seward can’t find a cause for it. 7. How well is the character of Van Helsing introduced here? What specific traits are shown? * Helsing is introduced briefly here, he observes Lucy then returns home. He tells Seward that he doesn’t know the cause of her illness but that she’s lost lots of blood. Seward describes him as “absolutely open minded”, kind and coolheaded. 8. Explain the contract (as Seward sees it) between the view of London at midnight and the building in which he lives and works. * Seward finds it shocking the difference between the beautiful sunset over London and the unattractive harsh “cold stone building” that he owns. He states that there’s an air of “breathing misery” and his own empty heart suffers all of it. 9. What do the telegrams at the end of this chapter add to the tension of the novel? * The last telegram creates suspense because the final one is a desperate request for Dr. Van Helsing to visit Lucy, due to her terrible change in condition. Chapter 10 1. Van Helsing’s accent is made very clear. Why do you think Stoker wants to emphasize his non-Britishness? What does this add to the

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