Dialectical Journal Chapter 20-150 Words

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Questions #1-4 Chapters 20-22 1. On page 183 the phrase “Or so I thought” foreshadows an event. What the author means when she includes this phrase is that this phrase means the opposite is going to happen. Since the sentence before this phrase says that nobody is there, in the future there may be people there. After this, Sophie then sees two girls with gun and she is startled/frightened, for example in the book it stated “I risked a look out and saw teenage girls, one my age and the other a little older, expressions hard and weapons gripped in trembling fingers.” This phrase is showing the meeting of the girls and Sophie and the girls actions 2. On page 196 the author discusses about the boy and calls him “Something of a figure among the soldiers.” From this phrase what the author is indicating the boy is that he…show more content…
The author’s purpose for including the quote “Heavily so, some stillness” is to convey to the reader how even after the war and people (from Congo) had already cleaned up and try to fix the damages of the place, the community or environment was still unstable. Questions #1-4 Chapter 27 1.) In the begging of chapter 27 the author indicates time has passed since the end of chapter 26. The author indicates this by saying "all these years later." The details I used was "years later." The word "years" indicate the amount of time. The word "later" shows that time has passed. 2.) On page 241 Sophie is sometimes asked about her souvenir, which is her sneakers. When asked, she gives the person the "whole story." That "whole story" starts with the 19th century when the Belgians invaded Congo. Sophie tells the "whole story" instead of what happened to her and Otto because, she may want her audience to understand what events caused the war. 3.) The author indicates or conveys that Sophie is sad about not being able to buy Otto on pages 246 and 247 by discussing or saying how Sophie is pretending Otto is there with
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