Dialectical Journal Chapter 2 Summary

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Chapter 2 Summary: George Viccars takes lodgings at Anna’s house. They have a relationship and then he takes sick and dies Chapter 3 Summary: Anys comes to pick up her red dress. It is revealed Anys had a sexual relationship with George; Anna goes to serve at the Bradfords' dinner party. While serving, Elinor offers her condolences to Anna. A Londoner relates horrifying stories about the plague. Michael Mompellion says the infected villages should not flee, but to contain the disease. The Londoner disagrees, saying that ministers have been the first to flee. Chapter 4 Summary: The autumn is bright and green, unusual for the time of year. Anna takes Jamie and Tom to the field to herd the sheep, they assist a ewe to give birth. Sitting by the stream Anna is met by Mompellion, and later helps Mary Hadfield butcher a hog. Jamie and Edward…show more content…
The ‘magic’ charms are discussed and Anna visits the Mowbrays who are practising their own special anti-plague rituals. Anna realises that perhaps God has nothing to do with the Plague. Fear is rife, and the people turn to all sorts of remedies to help them. John Gordon has become a Flagellant and is later found dead. Others, like Jane Martin and Albion Samwus, lose themselves in drink. Anna is jealous of Elinor and Michael’s relationship. Chapter 13 Summary: Elinor develops a cough, while the folk of Eyam ask questions about why some are spared, and others not. Elinor and Anna investigate the spread of the Plague in a methodical way, while others, like Mr Stanley insist it is random because the choice rested firmly with God. Michael sees the way to salvation through a great burning. Aphra is caught playing the ghost, and handed over to Robert Snee and Brand, to be kept overnight. They throw her into pig pit. A “broken” Aphra returns to her croft where she chants and makes spells, and her little girl, Faith, is lost to the Plague Chapter
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