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Diagnostic Papers [pic] Introduction ← As we know most of new inventions that use high technology cost large amounts of money so as a result they'll be expensive and hardly affordable by some people. This is the key of this invention which is despite using high biochemical technology mixed with an ancient technology which is paper, it's cheap and affordable. ← What are diagnostic papers made of? Those paper was invented by Harvard's university professor of chemistry George Whitesides and his research team month ago. They are biochemically processed papers that made of natural compound which is cellulose. ← How those papers work? Those papers are hydrophilic which means that the papers like water, so when a drop of blood for example is put on the paper it'll diffuse instantly in special channels to reach the test zones, then the colors of test zones will be changed to red, blue, green, or yellow according to the test's result. There is a color key to interpret the results to a meaningful statements. ← Usage: Diagnostic papers are used in different life aspects; medicine, food safety, environmental monitoring, agriculture, military operations. ← Advantages: ✓ Cheap. ✓ Light weight and portable. ✓ Easy to use so they don’t need a highly qualified person to perform a test. ✓ Don’t need any kind of power. ✓ Don’t need large amounts of fluids that'll be tested. ✓ Easy to dispose and incinerate not like usual equipments (Ex: Syringe). ← Disadvantages: In my opinion it's 90% perfect because it has a weakness point while using it in medicine; there is large numbers of diseases so we need large numbers of this invention to fit the number of diseases, but professor George Whitesides and his team are developing papers to be able to perform several different tests several times so

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