Diagnostic Medical Sonography Essay

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Orientation and Introduction to Diagnostic Medical Sonography: An introduction to the profession of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, hospital policies and procedures, and completion of hospital compliance training. Seminars in Patient Care: At the completion of this course the student will be familiar with the nursing procedures and techniques that are used in the general care of the patient in the Radiology Department. Professionalism will be discussed to include communication, infection control, patient assessment, history taking, medical emergencies, medications and venipuncture. Labs will accompany this course. This is a core course of the Radiation Sciences, students in the sonography program may attend a limited number of lectures to become familiar with procedures at The University of Iowa Health Care facilities. Foundations of Sonography: This course will include sonography history, ergonomics, terminology, image orientation, and the basic theories of sound waves, echo production, transducers, equipment operation, body imaging, Doppler, and hemodynamics. Foundations of Sonography Lab: The student has the opportunity to apply didactic knowledge in a simulated clinical environment. Students utilize computer aided learning and scanning simulation to develop basic skills in scan plane orientation, transducer selection, 2D and Doppler instrumentation and knobology. Obstetrical and Gynecological Sonography I: A detailed approach to the embryology, anatomy and physiology of the female reproductive system and developing fetus. Proper sonographic imaging techniques are discussed including the appearance of normal anatomy, imaging protocol, and proper instrument settings. Obstetrical and Gynecological Sonography I Lab: The student has the opportunity to apply didactic knowledge in a

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