Diagnostic Assingment Essay

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I chose the article Making the Grade by Kurt Wiesenfeld. I found that there is only one main point to be made in this article and that is that college students think that even though they may have not put in the work in a class they think they are entitled to a certain grade. I have seen this play out exactly how the writer explains multiple times not only in college but also in high school. There are two different types of students that I grew up with. One is the type of student who works hard and will do whatever they can to keep their grades high and if they have an issue will speak to the instructor right away to see what can be done about it. The other type of student that seems to be growing in America is the lazy student who thinks that everything should be handed to them even if they don’t put in the work. They think that because they are an athlete or they have a scholarship or some other way to be recognized within the school that they are on a pedestal and I fully believe that this comes from growing up in a world where the most important people are believed to be athletes and movie stars who are also put up on that pedestal and believe that they are “untouchable.” This is a growing epidemic within this country and needs to be put to a stop and have the focus put more back on academics so students don’t think that they are entitled to something just because they show up or can partially understand what is going on in the

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