Diabetic Foot Essay

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REFLECTIVE STUDY ON THE OSCE Reflection is a process that begins with looking back on a situation, pondering over it, learning from it and then using the new knowledge to help you in future similar situations. Reflection, which is learning through experience, is not a new concept. However, the conscious, deliberate and ordered process of using reflection as a learning tool in our professional practice is much more challenging. It is a complex activity that requires the individual to develop a set of skills required for problem solving (Moon, 1999). Bulman & Schutz, 2008 further describes “reflection as reviewing experience from practice so that it may be described, analysed, evaluated and consequently used to inform and change future practice.” Nursing is a practice discipline; effective preparation of nurses by reflective learning means that we can effectively and competently care for our patients and continue to develop skills over a professional life time. Nurses reflect because it provides a tool or mechanism through which they can communicate and justify the importance of practice and practice knowledge. Reflection is one way of helping one to link the theory and practice experiences and to integrate it into learning. Much of this learning is achieved by being actively involved in reflective practice. Through reflection 'in' and 'on' practice, one can: focus their thoughts on experiences, gain greater understanding of professional healthcare practice, become more aware of the knowledge and skills that one has developed, identify their strengths and areas for development and develop an action plan for future practice. A reflective practice model would enable learners and novices within a discipline to compare their own practices with those of experienced practitioners, thus leading to development and improvement Terry Borton’s (1970) 3 stem questions:

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