Diabetes Type 2 Essay

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“You have diabetes.” Hearing these words for the first time from your doctor can be shocking and depressing. The first thing your provider will do is offer you education on the disease through pamphlets or websites. Diabetes affects millions of people worldwide and many more are even unaware that they have it. It is said that “knowledge is power” and knowing about the disease will greatly help a diabetic overcome any doubt or anxiety on living with this disease and controlling it. We will discuss the disease process within our bodies, why food is medicine in this case and how insulin works to stabilize glucose levels in your blood. Although there is also a psychological impact on a person when first diagnosed, patient compliance is key to blood sugar control when monitoring it. Life changes are also important in maintaining good health while living with diabetes. Diabetics must embrace exercising as a part of life. For some this can be a burdensome adjustment in daily routine. Careful consumption of food requires self control and in a society promoting large portions and high carbohydrate foods, this makes it very difficult for anyone to keep a healthy consistent diet. Although it may sound overwhelming to overcome this disease, there are a lot of resources to take from in order to succeed. Your medical provider will become a bigger part of your life during this process. Family and friends will also have to play a part in helping you in your struggles with Diabetes. The Disease Process in Our Bodies “Type II diabetes is a metabolic disorder caused by the combination of the body’s resistance to the effects of insulin, the hormone produced by one’s pancreas” (1). Insulin is a key that opens the door to the cell to allow glucose to enter it and be used for energy when biosynthesis takes place. Since your pancreas cannot produce enough insulin, there

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