Diabetes Specialist Nurse Essay

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Diabetes specialist nurse The Diabetes Specialist Nurse is a registered nurse that has chosen to specialise in a particular field so they can take on more responsibilities for patient care and treatment. To become certified as diabetes specialists they have a program that are available for nurse that what to take this role and work specifically with diabetes patients. Responsibilities The responsibilities of a diabetes specialist nurse are to provide patient care and the same role as practice nurses. The practice nurse provides patient care in a number of settings this is similar to diabetes specialist nurses work primarily with diabetic patients, helping them control, understand and manage their diabetes; and helping physicians care for diabetic patients. Education Another role that Diabetes specialist nurses are responsible for is educating the patient on what exactly is diabetes and how they…show more content…
For diabetes can has to be monitored for the insult levels. They manage with the medication and treatment of complications that can arise as a result of diabetes and they have a better understanding of the bodily system. Testing They can also be able to perform medical tests and take an active role in diagnosing and managing diabetes because they are specialised in diabetes. They can perform blood glucose level tests this is to examine the insulin levels that are in the patient, and as you may of noticed the GP can do this test too. This test can ensure that the patient's diabetes is not adversely affecting his body. Treatment with tablets When you're first diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, healthy eating and regular physical activity are usually prescribed. If this doesn't work well enough, tablets may be given — not as a substitute, however, because healthy eating and regular physical activity are needed as
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