Diabetes and Pregnancy Essay

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Diabetes Mellitus Diabetes is a condition where sufficient amounts of insulin are either not produced or the body is unable to use the insulin that is produced. Insulin is the hormone that transports glucose into the cells of the body to provide fuel. When glucose cannot enter the cells, it builds up in the blood and the body's cells literally starve to death. I. Basic Conditioning Factors This case study is about a patient I took care of on August 28, 2005. I will refer to this patient as Ms. J.C. to keep patient confidentiality. Ms. J.C. is a 24 years old female of Caucasian descent, gravida 1 at 23-1/7 weeks gestation and was admitted for diabetes out of control. She has a history of noncompliance and has been seen only three times in the OB clinic with Dr. Tamerou Asrat for this pregnancy. She has been diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus since 8 years old and has history of Human Papilloma Virus with genital warts. She has no history of previous surgical procedure. Ms. J.C. is a full code status and denies any known drug allergies. Her religious preference is Roman Catholic and admits to attend service regularly on weekends. She is currently unemployed but attending college and taking courses in business field. She is living with her mom at her grandmother’s house. Her grandmother is unaware of the pregnancy and the father is not involved. However, she plans to move out with her friend, Tina for financial and emotional support. I categorized Ms. J.C. in the Erickson’s Stage of Human Development (Intimacy vs. Isolation) as “Isolation” because both Ms. J.C. and the father of the baby does not have a close relationship together and has no plan in raising their baby together. Because they both fear commitment and not able to raise the baby together, she plans isolate herself away from the baby’s father and her family to raise the baby on her own. II.

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