Diabetes Essay

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DIEBETS MILLETUS TYPE 2 AND TYPE 1 3 Some people call it the new epidemic in the United States; it is a disease that is is getting more common every year, with a surprising toll in acute and chronic complications disability, and death. This new epidemic is call diabetes As we know there are several types of diabetes such: diabetes Miletus type 1, diabetes Miletus type 2, and gestational diabetes. The most alarming type of diabetes in the United States it is the type 2 diabetes. This disease has changed through time, form our grandparents, and parents, to a disease of a children, every year more, and more children and young adults developed this devastating disease. One of the main causes for this type of diabetes is the increasing in obesity among younger people. Other factors include hypertension, cigarette smoking, and elevated levels of cholesterol or blood lipids. According to a study conducted, by the University of Medicine and pharmacy in Timisoara Romania, diabetes type 2 is rising very fast among young adolescents worldwide with a highest prevalence in those of Hispanic, African-American, and Asian descent. Also during the past 30 years and so on the number of children diagnosed as being overweight has increased by 100%. In this form of disease insulin is not properly used in the body. A metabolic disorder causes high levels of glucose in the blood. When one has type 2 diabetes your fat, liver and the muscle cells, do not respond to insulin 100% correctly. As a result blood sugar don’t get into cells to be stored as energy, when sugar cannot enter into the cells high levels DIEBETS MILLETUS TYPE 2 AND TYPE 1 4 Of sugar build up in the blood. This medical term is called hyperglycemia. Family history

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