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Douglas Stewart fl. 1936-1985 Douglas Alexander Stewart was born on 6 May 1913, at Eltham, Taranaki, New Zealand. The second of five children of Alexander Armstrong Stewart, a schoolteacher and later lawyer originally from Melbourne, and his wife Mary (née Fitzgerald), Stewart enjoyed a happy childhood, which he would describe in his late memoir, Springtime in Taranaki (1983). He attended a private school from the age of four, and, aged eight, began attending Eltham Public School, where he claimed to have made the decision to become an author. At the age of twelve, he won a scholarship to a boarding school, New Plymouth Boys' High, where he began writing poems and stories. Disappointed that the poems he sent to the local paper were published on the children's page, Stewart began sending his work to the Bulletin in Australia. While rejected by the Bulletin, one of the paper's editors, Cecil Mann, saw to it that some of Stewart's poems appeared in another Sydney paper in the Bulletin stable, the Australian Women's Mirror. Stewart briefly studied law at the Victoria University of Wellington, but lacked interest in his studies and failed his exams. Leaving Wellington and law for journalism back in Taranaki, he was briefly the sole reporter for the Eltham Argus, and then became a reporter for the Taranaki Daily News. His poems, meanwhile, were being accepted for publication in the Bulletin, and in 1933 he went to Sydney in the hope of securing a position on the Bulletin's staff as a writer of light verse. When this job fell through, he went to Melbourne to work on The Star, before returning to Sydney to try freelance journalism. In 1934, he returned to regular work in New Zealand and self-published his first poetry collection, Green Lions in 1936. In 1938, Stewart went to England. He moved in literary circles, but found it difficult to subsist as a

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