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Health Semester Essay What I have learned this year in health has influenced my daily eating and exercise habits. After I read what I had written in terms of exercise and what I was consuming, I was surprised. I thought that I was eating a lot healthier and exercising a lot more than I actually was. I tried to make changes in my eating habits, but it seems that they have only gotten worse as the year has gone by. I think this is because my metabolism has gone down greatly from last year; I was in vigorous sports year round, whereas this year I usually barely reach my threshold. By my activity level going down, my consuming of more unhealthy foods has gone up. Even though my habits have gotten worse this year, I have made two new major good habits: Avoiding eating McDonald’s at all costs (mostly because of seeing Supersize me), and I now use my iPod to keep track of everything I eat and drink. I now know how much over or under my daily calorie budget I am and it’s easier to see what the healthier choice would be, even if it may not seem healthier. I also picked up the good habit of looking at nutrition labels more often. Now I especially pay attention to cholesterol levels in foods, because I would like to steer clear of being at risk of heart disease or attack when I’m older. Okay I lied; maybe there are more than two good habits I learned about this year in health! Now I take both caloric and exercise levels in consideration. Before, it was all about the calories. The chart in the Health book with the amount of calories each activity burns in an hour made me realize that, “hey, I can eat that because I already burned it off by running earlier today!” Though I have many new good habits that I’ve learned in health this year, there are still plenty more habits I would like to gain and others I would like to break. Two of my long-term goals are to run a seven

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