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During the classical era, these cities developed high population, big governments, culture, and a religion to follow. 508-322 BCE was the classical era for Athens Greece. 202 BCE to 202 CE was the classical era for Han China. Classical Athens and Classical Han were greatly different because of their populations, choices of government, views of the individual and the state, and their differing Ideas of Man and nature. Although Han’s population was over 200 times bigger than the population of Athens, it was mostly made up of Peasant farmers and skilled urban workers, while Athens was mostly made up of slaves. Han had very cut out and clear social classes, while Athenians were less socially stratified. Document 2 was bases on an army recruitment figure from the year of 432 BCE. It is important that we use this document, because it’s providing us a chart that separates the population of Athens in 432 BCE. It only shows 4 social classes for Athens, three of which are free citizens. One class is slaves which takes up 36% of the whole population. Thucydides Athenian army provided population figures from Circa 432 BCE. Document 3 was a population estimate from mixed sources of Han china from the year of 200 CE. This shows the total population of Han China at 65,000,000 with only 7% as slaves. The chart breaks down the social classes into six groups, instead of only four like the Athenians. Because this is an army recruitment figure I don’t think they care much about if you were rich or poor so they didn’t split up the different groups of males or females. It would be helpful to hear from the Han army recruitment quotas, because document 3 is from mixed sources, so it might provide a more accurate comparison. (Doc. 2,3) Athenian government does not imitate the laws of neighboring states, instead they would rather be a model to everyone else. They are a democracy because

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