Dewey vs Rorty

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Great minds think alike. That saying is definitely the case with both Richard Rorty and John Dewey. Both share very many similar ideas beliefs, which is not surprising since Rorty considers Dewey to be one of the most important intellectuals of the 20th century which is why Rorty takes most of his ideas from those of Dewey. Despite Dewey influencing the thoughts of Rorty, John Dewey would have responded with his own thoughts and small criticism to Richard Rorty thoughts on democracy, philosophy, and truth. Both Rorty and Dewey were big supporters of maintaining and developing democracy. In order to better democracy, Rorty and Dewey both believe that thinkers of today need to focus their attention to the questions of what is a just society. Rorty is a firm believer that the constitution of the United States created a new era in human history. When the first modern democracy was founded, people were considered and recognized by others as equals and were all given the same respect, laws, and possibilities of creating a life of their own. By creating a system where everyone abides by the same laws and rules, then there can be no threat of a tyrant. Dewey can only agree with Rorty on this topic. For Dewey, the best form of a government is one that corresponds well with human nature. This type of government is a Democracy. Rorty sees democracy as a common search for justice. It is here where they stop seeing eye to eye with one another. Dewey views democracy as not only a political structure, but rather as a mode of associated living. With this being said, it is important to realize that their idea of democracy would not even be relevant if it were not for the views on philosophy. The idea of philosophy can be interpreted in many ways. At the time when Rorty was writing, the great thinkers (Rorty included) were trying to get away from the traditional philosophical
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