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DeVry FIN 515 All Discussions Questions - Latest IF You Want To Purchase A+ Work Then Click The Link Below , Instant Download If You Face Any Problem E- Mail Us At JOHNMATE1122@Gmail.Com Week 1 Accounting Versus Finance (graded) Much of the analysis done by financial managers is based on numbers that are different from what would seem to the corresponding numbers presented in the financial statements. This difference is not due to any kind of cooking the books or other attempts to mislead anyone. One example is the use of market value rather than historical cost in the valuation of assets. What are some other examples of the differences between financial management and financial accounting? Financial Analysis (graded) In this discussion, we will be working with the variety of financial analysis tools available to us. Let's start with the DuPont Identity introduced in Chapter 2 of the text. For your initial post, locate the financial statements for two firms in one industry. Calculate all four terms of the DuPont Identity and present the results but do not analyze the results. For an additional post, analyze the results that another student has posted. If you were the appropriate financial manager of one of the firms that you analyzed, what would be your observations and recommendations? Week 2 TVM Pass-a-Problem (graded) This week, the lecture provided some examples of TVM problem scenarios. For your first post, provide a story problem that can be solved using one or more of the TVM calculations. Your second post can be a description of how the problem posed by another student can be solved. Your professor may provide an example. • Assumptions of the TVM Model (graded) What are some of the assumptions behind the TVM calculations? How do these
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