Devolution Essay

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say This essay will discuss the demand for, and the impact of devolution in Scotland, by looking at the current and past exposure by the UK media. Since the Scottish National Party came to power four years ago in the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood, there has been a resurgence of nationalistic sentiment sweeping across the country. The idea of Scottish Independence is the main political issue concerning the SNP. In 2014 there will be a referendum, asking the people of Scotland whether they would like an independent Government. But the question of whether or not Scotland should become independent has been covered extensively within the UK press. How would Scotland, an somewhat economically challenged country really be able to operate within the markets of the world, and could it sustain itself in the longer term? For the most part of over 300 years, Scotland has been a part of Great Britain’s successes, playing a key role in the industrialization process, and shaping the modern attitudes that came with the Scottish Enlightenment. Because the current economic climate is seeing hardship, with the destabilized global market, many Scottish people are demanding Scotland to become independent, and to try and recuperate its losses. Increasingly, many people see autonomy as a panacea for all the difficulties within UK politics. In order to understand the situation regarding independence, we first must look at the reasons why independence may not be reasonable in the current economic climate. The credit crunch of 2011 and beyond emerged when flagship banks within the UK were forced to write off debts, situations such as the borrowing of money by people, outweighed their ability to pay these loans off. This situation forced the government of Westminster to use public money, to keep the banking system afloat and resulted in diminishing our budget by billions of pounds. The
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