Devices Of Near Future Essay

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With technology advancing each year, I find myself content with the devices and software I currently use. Although I am not up to date on some devices, they all are used regularly. I did not know much about computers until I purchased a desktop five years ago. My son had shown me the basics for the internet, the rest I have learned on my own. I also acquired a net book, a 17 in laptop, and a printer. The net book was used primarily for net surfing, g-mail, and facebook. After enrolling here at Ashford, My lap top has been used for school, watching movies on line, basically everything. I also can upload my pictures from my camera and phone SD cards. Having a computer to keep pictures is wonderful compared to big photo books. My phone is out of date a few years. I have a flip phone. I can connect to the internet, only to see the weather report. The small screen makes it hard to read. The mobility I have with my computer is amazing. Who would have thought we could carry our computer in a coat pocket. The only device I see myself investing in is the Tablet. Financially, I am not able to up-grade often. The tablet I believe will still be around in the near future. All of the devices I own fit my everyday tasks. I would eventually want to up-grade my phone to an Android phone. I would have all I needed in a computer in one small device. Identity theft is my main concern with the growth of technology. I have noticed that anything you fill out on the web asks for some kind of personal information. There are some tasks that I take care in person, rather over the computer. The hackers are advancing in their technology as well as technology itself. I have had this happen to me several years ago with my social security number. Someone in another state was using my ssn and with me on disability, was called into the social Security office. They knew I was not in

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