Devices in the Near Future Essay

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INF103 Instructor Bakker Week 2 Discussion 1 Devices in the Near Future * Which input/output devices will you be using in the next one to three years as “computing” devices? The one device I will be using in the next few years as a “computing” device would have to be the Ipad. The reason I say this is because I have an Ipad and I love it. It’s easy to use and easier to carry with me than a laptop would be. * Which features/components/form factors will be prominent? Why? The features I think will be prominent would be Ibooks, facebook, twitter, and games. The reason why is because Ibooks is becoming the most used reading tool or app to use for reading books. Facebook and twitter accounts are obviously going to be on any device because everyone has a facebook and twitter. Lastly, game apps are being used on just about every device as well. * Which features/components/form factors will be important to you? Why? The Ibooks feature will be important to me because I love to read and I have over 326 books on my Ipad. * Which applications will you be using on these devices? The applications I will be using on my Ipad would be Ibooks, facebook, and the game app. The reason being is I love to read books, my friends are all on facebook (who isn’t) and I love to play games. * How may these devices change your life in terms of benefits and risks? These devices have had a great impact on mankind; for instance the software is not just used for gaming and studying, but also in the stores and restaurants. On the other hand, unacceptable exposure of information while battering client services and in-housing operations, have led to increased danger of error and misuse of confidential

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