Deviance And Media Essay

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In recent years, there has been growing concern over the possible influence of aggressive and sexually-explicit media on children and teenagers (Gore, 1987). The displays of graphic language, drug activity, sexual content and crime, has begun to cause an epidemic in adolescents. Whether it’s the music they listen to the video games they play or the television show they watch. Sexual activities and violence has become part of the adolescent lifestyle. The increase of these contents and the public ignorance to it has cause a problem in society. As the TV’s become babysitter, the crime rate shoots up, more premarital sex is happening and more babies are being born. So why does the media display such content the modern society. Who is it befitting? Why the increase of promotion? Why the increase of public tolerance? "Violence is like the nicotine in cigarettes. The reason why the media has to pump ever more violence into us is because we've built up a tolerance. In order to get the same high, we need ever-higher levels… The television industry has gained its market share through an addictive and toxic ingredient." - Lt. Col. David Grossman quoted in The Arizona Republic, May 27, 1999 by Tim Madigan, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Music throughout the year have been somewhat of a relief from life’s trouble, lately the promotion of marijuana has started an uproar and is causing many people to buy, distribute, and use drugs such as marijuana. My question is if we don’t want deviant acts to occur why are they heavily promoted? Is it because it’s what all the viewers want to see? I’m sure but in reality the deviance in movies, music, and TV shows lead to deviant acts. Illustrating deviant acts such as weed smoking only lead to people wanting to smoke more weed. In return people get looked up, so who is wining? So do the media need deviance to function? Functionalist theory
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