Deviance and Difference Essay

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DEVIANCE AND DIFFERENCE ASSIGNMENT In health changes are continuously happening as a result of stem cells transplants. The main focus on medical approach of health is to eradicate illness through diagnosis and adequate treatment. In order to develop an understanding of the influence that models have upon society, it is necessary to explain their purpose, give their meaning and describe their characteristics. At first glance models can be seen as tools, which offer representations of reality, provide the basis for the expansion of rights and entitlement for disabled people, and offer insights into attitudes. Such models can provide a useful framework, in which one may gain an understanding of the perspective held by those operating and applying such models. It is important to remember that; “…models do not explain anything. They should not be confused with theories or hypotheses, which do reveal the inner or hidden laws governing the nature of things and relationships.”(Finkelstein, 1996:1, in Johnstone, 1998, p.16). Other writers define a model as ‘representing a particular type of theory, namely structural, which seeks to explain phenomena by reference to an abstract system and mechanism. Models of disability are not synonymous with theory as their usage does not involve data collection, but they may have some usage as generators of hypotheses. It is important to remember that models may help to generate an explanation in some way, but they do not themselves constitute an explanation.’ (Llewellyn and Hogan, 2000) In the world the rights of the disabled people are discussed about a lot in both the governments and charitable organisations. Major changes across the world have taken place in reactions to disabilities. In much the same way there have been major changes in social reactions to women, gays or blacks, these new attitudes and policies have been
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