Deviance Analysis

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Deviance can be described as unusual or maybe even unacceptable behavior but is mostly known as breaking a society’s norms. There can be many different forms of deviance, ranging from getting a parking ticket to robbing a bank. However, each society has their own definitions of what is deviant and what is not. A good example of this is how some countries are very strict about what roles women can have and in the United States, women can pursue whatever role they want. Deviance changes based on certain factors, which are: location, age, social status, and individual societies. An example of how location affects if a behavior is deviant or not is if you were speaking loudly in church when someone else is talking, you would be considered deviant but if you were speaking loudly when other people were talking at a party, it most likely wouldn’t be considered deviant. Age also affects deviances because children usually can’t control themselves like adults to. For example, if a child was crying in the middle of a store, it would be normal or acceptable but if an adult was crying in the middle of a store it would be deviant. One example for how social status affects if something is deviant or not is if a famous actor or actress passed all of these people in line to get to the front, it might be ok for them to do this so they don’t get swarmed by people or anything but a normal person would be considered deviant if they tried the same thing. The last factor that determines deviance is individual societies throughout the world. An example of this would be in the United States, people usually don’t try to barter in department stores for lower prices or offer to trade something they have but in some countries everyone buys things through bartering and it would seem deviant not to barter for what they are

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