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The Impact of Deviance in America’s Society Norms are the specific behavioral standards that society sets as a whole. The ways in which people are supposed to act can sometimes be based off of morality, and the “norm” can be described more or less as rules of conduct. They can change daily and vary from class to class. Deviance is defined as something that violates the norm. It could be seen as a failure to conform to society. But many interpretations of what norm is differ from factors such as culture, which includes race, gender, age and morals. Deviance can range from criminal acts to just interrupting social norms. Deviance in reference to social norms has been characterized be sociologists as “ any thought, feeling or action that members of a social group judge to be a violation of their values or rules.” Deviance is commonly linked with criminals, because they breaks laws that our society has set as something that is unmoral to commit and are punished because of it. But some crimes can be so little that they hardly ever attract any social reaction such as downloading music illegally. You have to take into consideration the environment when considering deviance because what is considered deviant in one time and place maybe irrelevant in another. Take fighting as an example, which is normally considered deviant in a typical society, fighting during a hockey game and fighting in a school class room get two completely different reactions. Many factors have to be considered when talking about deviance, and it is something that changes constantly. The purpose of this proposed study is to examine how deviance effects society and the factors that come into play when different reactions and consequences occur when the social “norm” is broken. Primary Research Questions: - How does culture (race, gender, age,) play a role in how deviance is seen - How

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