Deviance Essay

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Deviance is something considered to be out of the normal. Society defines things that are considered to be deviant. What is considered deviant in one location may not be deviant in another. Deviance has a wide range. It can be something minor, such as someone picking their nose in public. It can be something extreme, such as murdering people for fun. Some acts of deviance are considered to be negative, while others are positive. People don't recognize positive deviance nearly as much as negative deviance. I am going to list three things that I consider to be deviant in the Northern states but not so much in the South. The kind act of helping a stranger load their groceries, paying for a stranger’s gas and giving a stranger a compliment are considered deviant acts of kindness. I would consider these to be positive acts of deviance. Positive acts of deviance can be seen as helpful or even heroic. However often times, people are skeptical of what many would simply consider an act of kindness. People can misinterpret or flat-out reject a kind gesture. This could be due to the fact that people do not trust strangers. The person carrying out their act of kindness knows their motives; however, these motives are not always clear to the other person. Some people are embarrassed by these kind acts or suspicious of them. Why is it that people feel embarrassed or awkward when they are paid a compliment? Is it because they feel they don't deserve the compliments? Is it because they feel people may have ulterior motives and are lying to them? Many People are uncomfortable at the thought of doing something random and kind. When they see someone else doing those things, they think of them as strange. For these reasons, society deems kind acts as

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