Deviance Essay

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Deviance is the behavior performed that is recognized as violating expected rules and norms that have been socially created by society (Andersen pg. 144). These actions and rules help stabilize a society and can help pull things together. Deviance is not necessarily negative; sometimes the norms of society need to be violated so that new norms can be formed. And, deviant behavior maybe acceptable in one situation and then may not be in another and even acceptable to one race and not to another. There are many factors that come up in society that show and support deviant behavior like crimes committed and even binge drinking in college students. Different sociological perspectives give us different ways to look at some deviant acts and can put different issues together. When the topic of college drinking comes up it is reflected upon in two different social groups. First, the society of college kids who are free from supervision and get to go along with all the other college kids and then there’s the adults, families, teachers, cops, etc. who know that these college kids are defying the law of the drinking age and drinking excessively on top of that. Students who go away to a four-year school and are in a college environment will most likely binge drink rather than those students who stay home at a community college. Going away to school is always a new exciting change. Students have a chance to meet new people and get to live on there on for the first time. This gives students so many more opportunities to break the rules mom and dad bestowed on them at home. A more important factor is the social pressure to get drunk so as to fit in and not to be seen by others as uptight or antisocial. This falls into the sociological perspective of functionalism because functionalism emphasizes social structure and that social conditions exert pressure on individuals to conform

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