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Miles Ballew 4/26/2012 Deviance What is Deviance? Deviance is concerned with the process whereby actions, beliefs or conditions come to be viewed as deviant by others. Deviance can be observed by the negative, stigmatizing social reaction of others towards these phenomena. Deviance is one of the broadest topics in the sociological world. One of the topics that are under deviance is crime. There are different types of crime which includes organized crime, capitalistic crime, organized crime. And hate crimes. These types of crimes are committed by both male and female, also delinquents. Some of the things that are associated with deviance are radical criminology, feminist criminology, culture and sub culture, symbolic interactionism and phenomenology. Some sociologists feel that crime is needed to for the world to be balanced out. One sociologist who feels this way is Emile Durkheim. He states “Crime brings together honest men and concentrates them.” This quote means that Durkheim recognized deviance as an importance to the well-being of society and suggested that challenges should be established both moral and legal laws (deviance and crime, respectively) acted to bring together those that were not against the laws. Durkheim also suggested that crime and deviance brought people in a society together. When a law is violated, especially within small communities, everyone talks about it. Meetings are sometimes held, articles are written for local newspapers, and in general, a social community ties with activity when a norm is broken. As is most often the case, a violation incites the ones who don’t break the laws, make sure everyone band together in opposition to the violation, making sure that society's bond and its devotion to certain norms. I strongly agree with Durkheim’s theory about crime for a few different reasons. One reason is because without

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