Developments of Technology from the Space Race Essay

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Controversy Over the Beneficial Teja S. Atluri AP US History B Technology is progressing at a rate that is unmatched by any other sector. It seems that in the past decade, there has been more technological advancements than in the entirety of human history. Advancements such as the computer, the internet, satellites, and the radio have drastically changed how humans communicate and interact with one another, improving ones quality of life and overall wellbeing. What caused these rapid advancements in technology? What is the innovative driving force that resulted in the novel development of technology? Why did this event occur? This research paper will analyze the space race and the technological advancements that resulted from the movement. Moreover, the types of technologies developed will be scrutinized and their overall impact to mankind will be evaluated. It will conclude by countering the assertion that there are more negative technologies, rather than positive technologies that resulted from the space race. On October 5th, 1957 Sputnik, a small two foot diameter Soviet satellite, was launched into space1. This event marked the beginning of an era that would last for the next eighteen years and would later be known as the space race. However, the origins of the space race can be traced back before the late 1950s, all the way to the beginnings of World War II (WWII). During WWII, Russia, Britain, and the United States of America (USA) were the three main forces known as the Allied Forces battling against the Axis Powers: Germany, Japan, and Italy6. WWII was a brutal war marked with significant human loss and suffering. The technology during the war had vastly improved since WWI and the Axis Powers work feverishly to develop novel weapons that would guarantee a victory in their failure. This lead Germany to construct rockets, namely the V-2 rocket that

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