Developments In Cloud Computing Essay

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It would be overreaching to say that we are nearing the age of artificial intelligence or singularity. Not just have we been coming up with more brilliant technology, the rate of progression has become a wonder to behold; this might give an illusion that the next big thing or even singularity is just around the corner. But as Turing said, there is more to intelligence than just the properties of the next big thing: there is an aspect of perception. Unless a machine does not stand in front of us with all its dilemmas and problems-with its focus on evolving alongside us, it really does not matter how fast it can add numbers or print copies (it would still stand to take orders). Our perception would continue to enable us to be condescending. While machines have evolved, that evolution has simply been in taking orders: not thinking. The mere definition of singularity entails the concept of unpredictability, after such a pace is achieved. Therefore without evaluating (or having the ability to) what happens after, it seems our best chances lie in finding happiness in the known. The biggest benefit this way would be that everything would be predictable (and limiting to singularity, not achieving it-thus enjoying the best of both worlds in a way). Thus we should not have to worry about a system like the HAL 9000 in movie, “2001: A space Odyssey”. If events do transpire to procreate artificial intelligence, ethical implications would be interesting. The most fundamental of all would stem from the decision to allocate the newly developed beings a social position relative to humans. Besides the task to determine their rights or to defend our own, should they be even more powerful, would be colossal. Ethical questions may also focus on deciding upon their end, if it is determinate, or what it would imply for the mortal humans. If they do evolve, would we be able to mold

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