Developmentally Appropriate Practice

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Kimberly Klapper Module 1 written assignment CDA Othondra Williams-Hicks 07/11/2015 Developmentally Appropriate Practice or DAP is a perspective within early childhood education where a teacher or child caregiver nurtures a child's social/emotional, physical, and cognitive development by basing all practices and decisions on the theories of child development; individually identified strengths and needs of each child uncovered through authentic assessment; and the child's cultural background as defined by his community, family history, and family structure. Back in February we had our Dinosaur unit in my preschool room so we prepared our lesson plans and thought up activities and things that would be fun for the kids to participate in. My co-teacher made a volcano in home living and bought dinosaur hats for the children to wear. We picked out some fun books to put into the library about dinosaurs and prehistoric times and also hung pictures of dinosaurs up. In the sensory table we made a dinosaur nest out of green paper, rocks, and we also had plastic eggs with dinosaurs in them that they could pretend are hatching. We also found some awesome songs about dinosaurs to teach the kids and encouraged them to play instruments and dance to the songs. All of these activities are developmentally appropriate because they encourage the children to learn and all of the activities were set out and the kids only participated when they wanted to. There were plenty of small group activities rather than large group activities and there were no expectations of learning a certain thing the children’s questions were always acknowledged and answered when they asked them. In our 2 year old room at my center the teacher is very creative but also very controlling about the way things need to be done. The last unit they were working on was the bug unit. She had planned a

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