Developmental Stages Worksheet Essay

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University of Phoenix Material Developmental Stages Matrix Complete the matrix by listing out the various changes in each age group. |Developmental Stage |Physical changes |Cognitive changes |Socioemotional changes | |Infancy |Lose weight after birth but is usually regained in 10|Babies will respond to people and objects. They are |Babies will react to familiar people and strangers. | | |to 12 days. Most newborns will gain 4-8 ounces per |very curious and explore to learn new things. |Self-awareness improves. Babies learn attachment and | | |week and grow about 1 to 1.5 inches in the first | |form a sense of independence. | | |month. Head “swells” to accommodate brain | | | | |development. | | | |Early Childhood |Steady growth during this time of development. Baby |Between the ages of 3 and 6 the frontal lobe develops|Children will have more confidence in this stage as | | |fat starts to turn to muscle. Head becomes more |dramatically. Most cognitive skills must be learned. |they learn more about the world around them and are | | |proportionate with the body. |They are very talkative during this age, so |more aware of past

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