Developmental Stages Matrix Essay

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University of Phoenix Material Developmental Stages Matrix Complete the matrix by listing out the various changes in each age group. |Developmental Stage |Physical changes |Cognitive changes |Socioemotional changes | |Infancy |Physical growth is at the fastest rate during |Uses the Sensorimotor stage of development. The |During infancy is when a child develops the bond with| | |infancy. Young infants learn to roll over, sit up, |infant uses sensory and motor contact to explore and |his or her guardian. An infant will learn who the | | |crawl, and walk within 12 to 15 months of birth. |understand the world around them. |guardian is and feel emotional attachment when their | | | | |guardians are present or absent. | |Early Childhood |Children continue to develop motor skills during |Uses the Preoperational stage of development. The |This is the stage when most children become socially | | |early childhood. Things like stacking blocks, walking|child is able to use words and images to convey the |interactive with other people. This is when the child| | |without help, and Push or pull things begin to |world around them. They are still not able to assign |will begin to explore the world around them and | | |develop during the early childhood stage. |logic to events that occur around them. |either feel a sense of
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