Developmental Stages Matrix Essay

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University of Phoenix Material Developmental Stages Matrix |Developmental Stage |Physical changes |Cognitive changes |Socioemotional changes | |Infancy |Motor skills, they roll over, start to crawl. |Voice recognition, bright lights and colors, imitate |Communicate when hungry, fear of something, discomfort, other| | | |things, accepting foods. |emotions. React to familiar faces, smiles and laughter. | |Early Childhood |Walk by themselves with help from someone else, |Identify things by pictures, can follow a one step |Bring you their toys, can play alone or with someone else. | | |stronger, pull/push up on things and on objects. |direction, they like to explore things. | | |Middle Childhood |Growth slow and steady, grow from three to six inches, |Use their language to communicate, identify with others|Make friends according to need and gender, friendships become| | |muscles are strong, run faster, less obesity, develop |prospective, learn the difference between doing and |more important, understand the rules of playing, 9-10 years | | |gross motor skills. Age 10-12 some children start |intent, began to think rationally, reflect on self and |negotiate the rules, 7-8 years follows all the rules, 5-6 | | |puberty. Girls as soon as 8 develop

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