Developmental Pyschology Essay

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Developmental Psychology Developmental psychology is “the study of how thought and behavior change and remain stable across the life span”, basically how ones development compares to that of others as a whole (Griest, 2011). Life span development stages are infancy and childhood, adolescence, middle age, old age, and death. A large part of developmental psychology focuses on childhood development because this is when most of the changes happen to an individual. The goals of developmental psychology are to describe and explain behavioral developments. When trying to describe development, comparisons are made between what is considered normal development and that of an individual. Explaining development, is when the concept of nature vs nurture is compared, meaning what we have inherited compared to what we have learned from our environment and surroundings. From the moment a human is conceived, growing in the mother’s womb, we begin to develop psychologically, even our personalities. As a child grows, doctors gauge whether a child is developing normally by using developmental milestones. Developmental milestones are skills or behaviors that children display as they grow that happen in a specific age range. These developmental milestones are classified as gross motor movements, fine motor movements, communication and language skills, and social skills. Gross motor skills take large muscle movements like sitting, standing, walking, and crawling. Fine motor movements are smaller movements such as grabbing or picking up something, drawing, and stacking small blocks. Communication and language skills are responding to sound, speaking, and learning to understand commands. Social skills are the way children play and act with other children. Cognitive Psychology1 Cognitive Psychology is “the study of how people perceive, remember, think, speak, and solve problems”
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