Developmental Psychology Media Assignment Essay

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Children watching violent media may lead to mental health issues, researchers find Researchers find one more reason for parents to turn off or limit the use of television at home. As seen from previous studies, repeated exposure to violent media can lead to aggressive behaviours and poor academic results in adolescents but can this link be observed from a much earlier age. A study recently published in the Journal of development and behaviour pediatrics, shows that this relationship can accurately be seen. Despite clinical recommendations of reducing screen time, studies find that 73% of children watch violent media at least once a week. Dr. Caroline Fitzpatrick and her peers who conducted the study, hypothesized that “the greater the exposure to violent media during preschool years, the poorer the psychological and academic adjustment”. For this report, researchers used a longitudinal design, where the participants were viewed for a long period of time, resulting in a study that was more accurate. The study was also conducted in the homes of the participants, so naturally occurring television time could be recorded. It consisted of 2120 children who were followed up annually. Measurements were recorded at 41, 53 and 97 months. These included; teachers rating child psychological adjustment using the Social Behavioural questionnaire (e.g. antisocial behaviour, inattention, emotion distress and academic standing), children were asked to complete self reports on a scale of 1-3 And parents were asked to record the frequency that their child watched shows illustrating violent behaviour on a scale of 1-3. The study found that one third of the children who participated did not view violent media and findings were the same as previous reports in that boys were subjected to violence more than girls, as did children with less educated mothers and those that
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