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“Should we abandon (to withdraw) Piaget’s theory given the amount of evaluation and criticisms it has received over the years? “ This essay will discuss Piaget’s theory that he has proposed on cognition and cognitive development, will identify the theory and the criticisms it has gained for and against the study. Report will outline if Piaget’s theory should be abandon therefore should we continue to use the theory or not? Developmental psychology focuses on how individuals develop in the life-span from childhood to become an adult. Looks into how people develop their thoughts and emotions. Piaget theory is a well known theory in this field which shows an understanding of how development is processed. He aimed to develop an approach which showed an understanding of knowledge, explain the nature of knowledge and how it is gained by individuals. Piaget was influenced by the development work of Binet who studied children’s thinking. Binet used observing methods in his studies to observe “children in their natural settings.” (P. K. Smiths, H. Cowie and M. Blades: understanding children’s Development. Fourth edition chapter 12) Piaget had an interest on how children come to a decision making, judgement and explanation. “Looks for an explanation how the child comes to understand his or her world.” (P.K Smiths et al: understanding children’s Development fourth edition) quotation outlines that Piaget was questioning how children develop to understand the world. He proposed in 1954 that, “cognitive development was equivalent to the development of logical competence and developed over four major stages, from birth to early adolescence.” (M. Cardwell and C. Flanagan: psychology A2 the complete companion) Piaget also stated that every child experiences these stages in the same order but not all reach the final stage. The theory has two major aspects, explanation of the cause

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