Developmental Process Presentation

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Developmental Process Presentation JCH Developmental Process Presentation There are many noticeable physical and mental differences between early childhood (2-6 years old) and middle childhood (6-10 years old). In early childhood their language and communication skills start to develop quickly. The child will begin to learn new vocabulary, the correct use of language in social settings and their grammar has noticeable changes. Even with all these advancements that are taking pace, it is still noticeable that these children are just in the beginning stages of learning as compared to children in middle childhood. In middle childhood children have already developed a set of language skills. They have the ability to use correct vocabulary during a conversation, effectively use language for different purposes such as school or a conversation with friends. They can also restate ideas and have the capability to speak in front of their classmates when giving presentations with confidence. Physical development in early childhood and middle childhood is extremely different. In early childhood children have an abundance of energy that they have a hard time controlling. In this stage children run instead of walking. They jump and skip showing the exuberant amount of energy that they have. During early childhood gross and fine motor skills are starting to become refined. A child’s hand eye coordination improves and they develop the ability to do tasks such as jump rope, hit a ball and use things such as pencils and crayons with better control. Although growth has slowed down in this stage, children start to lose the baby look in appearance and their arms and legs begin to grow and balance out with the rest of their body. In middle childhood people will see a noticeable growth in a child’s size. They will develop in both height and weight. Primary teeth will also be
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