Developmental Matrix Essay

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Developmental Stages Matrix Elizabeth Dunn Psy 201 03/09/2014 Laura Shulz University of Phoenix Material Developmental Stages Matrix Complete the matrix by listing the various changes in each age group. Please list the ages of each stage in the first column. Consider both Piaget and Erikson when listing the changes. 30 points total. Add a correctly formatted Title Page. Developmental Stage | Physical changes | Cognitive changes | Socioemotional changes | InfancyAgesBirth to 18 Months | * Weight Will double by 4months, triple by year one, by 24 months should weigh about 30lbs, * Height will increase by almost a foot by age two. * Brain becomes larger and sends messages out faster. * Reflexes and coordination become more evident * By 8 months infants will learn to scoot around, crawl and then learn to walk. | * Reflexes * Object recognition * Objects movements become interesting * Begin to process information * Memory is week but becomes better * Communication starts with babbling and gets stronger * By age one infants know a word or two | * Depend mostly on parents * Relationships and social play start. * Bonds are created with parents. * Become more independent * Social play starts around age one | Early ChildhoodAges18monthsTo 6 Years | * Brain and nervous system grow * Rapid growth * Younger children appear to have greater plasticity * Minor illnesses are common * Boys grow at a faster rate than most girls * Both gross and fine motor skills develop | * Stable concepts and mental reasoning begin to develop * Ability to picture an object that isn’t there * Wonder why a lot * More likely to remember unusual activities * Able to describe the world and use language to learn * | * Touch is primary drive for comfort * Bonding and attachment * Become more independent * Become more
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