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Developmental stage analysis The first client I chose for analysis is Ben who is 2 years old and he is beginning the process of potty training. The development period which Ben is going thru is considered early childhood which last from 2 years old to 6 years old. At this point Ben will continue to refine physical development that began during the first year of life. Some of the developmental changes that will happen to Ben include, motor skills improving, they get taller and start to lose their baby fat. They have significant advances in their motor control, they start to do things such as walk, run, and jump. We also have perceptual development which includes things like the ability to see, hear, and grasp concepts. Then we have cognitive development which is speaking and bringing together thoughts. It also includes things like imagination and pretend. Finer motor skills begin to get better you may see him doing things such as color or scribble in a coloring book, or playing with small toys and using both hands. At this point they also have the ability to kick a ball, start riding a bike or tricycle, or walk with alternating feet. Things they can do also include turning pages in a book, or building with things like blocks or legos. And of course the process at hand, they begin to use the potty and get out of diapers. Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development definitely applies to this situation. This is actually one of the most known theories of personality in psychology. He believed that the personality developed in a series of stages. They talk about the psychosocial stages and the second psychosocial stage is Anatomy vs shame and doubt. This stage happens during early years of child development when children begin focusing on having a much better sense of personal control. Potty training is believed to be a very important part of this process. Learning

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