Development Through Life Stages

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Unit 4: Development through life stages P1: 1) True 2) True 3) False 4) True 5) True 6) False 7) True 8) False 9) True 10) True 11) True 12) True 13) True 14) True 15) False 16) True 17) True 18) False 19) False 20) True P2: Five different life factors which affected George’s development were: 1) His house was overcrowded with siblings. 2) He had a good level of education. 3) He used to be bullied and put at last because of his asthma during playing time. 4) His father had a good job so he took the best health care always. 5) The city where he used to live didn’t help him with his asthma as it was a polluted area. P3: 2 predictable life events are leaving home and having kids. * Leaving home can be a physical issue as when you leave home means you are independent and that you have to do everything on your own sometimes will result in a lot of pressure and stress. It can be also emotional as you will miss the old things you used to do and have at your parents’ house. * Having kids is an emotional thing as it a nice thing when you plan for kids and is also a social thing as a new bound is formed between the kids and the parents. 2 unpredictable life events are the redundant and the fatal car accident of his wife. * When a person loses his job is an emotional situation as it’s not easy for something you didn’t expect to happen and one can suffer from depression as he will need to change his lifestyle and has to find a way how to obtain money. It may also be a social situation as on his work place there used to be his mates to talk with and at home he may feel lonely. * Bereavement is the most difficult unpredictable life event as it’s a big emotional situation. At first It may be very hard to adapt to a new lifestyle without that
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