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development stage for paddy field Essay

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  • on February 28, 2009
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The traditional paddy farmers started to work in their land upon arrival of rainy season. During this time they were busy to prepare tools for land preparation and to ensure that various compartments of the field were well flooded with rain water.

After all necessary tools were ready the farmers started to prepare their land by poughing and preparing nursery ploy. The preparation of the nursery plot needed special attention, the soil must be really soft and free from any water weeds.

In orde to flatten and to smoothen the soil surface, “badai” was used. Pembadai was normally made of banan trunk whereby the skin was already peeled off. It was pulled by a hoe or a small rake. In the soft and smooth conditions of the soil would made the job of pulling the paddy plants for transplanting.
a) Attire to the paddy : the paddy planter goes to the field using old clothes. The woman normally wears baju Kedah (kedah’s shirt), batik long dress and with head cover to protect against intense heat. The man uses baju teluk belanga (a kind of loose shirt) or long sleeves, long trousers as well as “kain cukin” (used for wet purposes) wrapped around the hip.
b) Pembadai : it is used to flatten the nursery before the work of seeding is done.
c) Timba hayun : it is a water pump at the nursery
d) Penimba semai : it is a water pump at the nursery.
e) Sickle : the grass in the paddy field was cut by using as sickle and then was feeds to the buffaloes.
While awaiting the seedlings to mature, the farmers continue with the work of ploughing and cleaning of paddy fields. The works that they normally do were as follow:
a) Ploughing : the traditional equipment use is a plough. Normally a plough is made from selected wood that is to be work with such as “halban” wood. In order to carry out this job normally the strength of a buffalo is deployed but they are occasions where the strength of cows used. In case cows are deployed to pull the plough...

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