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What aspects of your own development—for example, interests, hobbies, college major, or vocational choice—are probably due to niche-picking? Explain. There are many aspects of my development that is due to niche-picking. At the age of four I started playing softball because my mom played and my older sister played. Softball became my sister’s main sport as it did for me. I played softball for the next 15 years of my life. All three of my brothers also played baseball at some point in their life as well. My mother also played volleyball, which became a part of my sibling’s and my lives. My sister and I both player almost through high school and my brother played all the way through college. Most of the niche-picking in my family involved athletics.…show more content…
As far as how a newborn acts and how competent they are, I am very familiar with that aspect. I have a four -year old nephew who lived with me for almost his entire first year and I have been a huge part of his life and continue to help raise him. I have always said since I was a little girl that I was born to be a mom. I always want to be the one holding and taking care of babies and little children. When my nephew was born I was able to receive the opportunity to know what it is like to have and raise a baby. As a newborn I always played with his feet and hands and experienced how newborns show reflexes and motor skills. I did not notice too much of the Moro reflex from him. He maybe would jump at the sound of a noise, but I do not remember him arching his back and moving his arms. I do remember him experiencing the Babinski reflex. I would run my finger down his foot or tickle his feet and his toes would scrunch up and the arches of his feet would curl. The reflexive stepping movements were the most common reflexes I remember him having. I always held him under his arms and bounced him up and down and let him put weight on his feet. As he got a few months older I saw his motor skills grow from holding him upright to his legs just moving back and forth, to him crawling, to standing up, to
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