Development Psychology Lifespan Paper

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The Life Review of Louise Morrison Bethany Minich Xavier University The Life Review of Louise Morrison Louise Morrison was born April 2, 1913 in Columbus, Ohio, where she remained for the rest of her life up until early adulthood. Louise’s life span development has been influenced by a variety of factors ranging from her supportive family to her travels to Europe. Although each individual factor plays a significant role in Louise’s ultimate development, a mixture of all of them combined is what created the adventurous, confident and spirited women she is today. Early Childhood When it comes to the development of Louise’s early childhood, information is seldom, and fuzzy due to her impressive age of ninety-eight years old. Much of her experience was not able to recounted, but this only shed light on how truly important and memorable the events were that she actually was able to remember. Vygotsky’s View of Cognitive Development applies to Louise’s life in a number of ways. Robert Feldman states, “Vygotsky saw children as apprentices, learning new cognitive strategies, and other skills from adult and peer mentors who not only present new ways of doing things, but also provide assistance, instruction, and motivation” (Feldman, 2010). Since Louise’s childcare was performed mainly by her own mother, she was always appropriately guided, and presented with beneficial learning experiences. Additionally, Louise regularly attended church from when she was an infant, so she was placed in a social environment involving peers and structure that positively impacted her cognitive development. On a similar aspect, Louise was also able to transition into Erikson’s initiative-versus-guilt stage with ease thanks to her parents raising her in an authoritative manner from the get go. Louise was always encouraged to act independently, which set her up to gain
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