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CONCLUSION AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN – Good Example, with Comment In reflecting on my professional development, I consider that my skills and competencies have developed significantly and that my level of responsibility has developed to reflect this. Leading the production of the Neighbourhood Plan is a challenging task that has drawn on my skills across a very broad range of areas. It has also however been a very rewarding area of work and one that I feel has significantly developed my core spatial planning skills and will provide a robust basis to further my professional development. I also believe that my experience at RDA and (name removed) City Council has enabled me to start to develop the wider generic skill set required of built environment professionals, particularly in terms of multidisciplinary working, negotiation and mediation, and leadership. This will provide a strong basis from which to develop my future career within the sector and effectively respond to change. | | | |STRENGTHS |WEAKNESSES | |Well developed analytical and research skills |Limited knowledge of development control and ‘the mechanics of | |Strong report writing/policy skills |planning’ – inquiries, compulsory purchase powers etc. | |Breadth of experience in spatial planning and regeneration through |No direct line-management experience | |roles at Development Agency & Council |Need to develop skills in terms of managing conflict/difficult | |Strong interpersonal skills

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