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Ariel Colosky Hum 270 1. Development of Zoroastrian: Zoroastrain was a monotheistic religion that based its belief on the moral struggle in human life between the cosmic forces of good and evil. It started in Persia and was fairly widespread in the Near East and Middle East, now is a small religion in India. Zarathustra, the religion’s founder, was a prophet who experienced a vision at 30 years old that changed his life. The story of his vision and how he founded this new religion was, “..He felt himself being transported heavenward by the spirit Vohu Manah (which means good mind) into the presense of the High God Ahura Mazada (meaning the wise lord- God associated with cosmic justice). Revelation led Zarathustra to preach his new message. At first he was meet him strong rejection, which he blamed on the demons and Angra Mainyu (who was known as the wicked spirit and head of evil forces). His bitter feelings deepened his sense that evil forces constantly opposed forces of good. Zarathustra eventually convinced Vishtaspa, the Iranian King, to help use his power to help spread the new religion. There was to be no animal sacrifices, but still use the fire alter with the idea that the fire wasn’t to be worshiped but rather used as a symbol of divine good. Again, it was a monotheistic religion with he holy spirit Spenta Mainyu, but saw the universe in a morally dualistic fight as a good verses evil struggle since the beginning of time. To be good meant to be honest, cultivate farmland to help the community, and show kindness to all including animals. Divine judgment occurred in the afterlife and was based on a reward verse punishment system. Once you died your soul was put on a two-path bridge that led to heaven and hell. If your good deeds outweighed your bad, then you were allowed to walk to the wide bridge full of paradise; however if you led a evil life then

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