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Development of Virginia Virginia developed socially, economically, and politically for many reasons, but three main reasons were because of the House of Burgesses, indentured servitude, and the Headright system. All three of these were key components to Virginia’s development during the 17th century. The Headright system, a system set up by the Virginia Company to attract more settlers to Virginia, was important to Virginia’s development because it attracted many English farmers, who back home had no land to farm on anymore. The English farmers were given 50 acres of land, but they also had to pay for the transportation of their workers to come to Virginia. This increased the population of Virginia, because farmers, who received grants, also brought indentured servants with them. The wealthy landowners, however, saw this as a great opportunity to become even wealthier, they could gain land, and pay for many workers at once, and this would lead to the wealthy establishing large agricultural enterprises in Virginia. Socially, this caused conflicts between the Natives. This was because once the indentured servants worked off their terms, they moved inland, and began to claim the land of the natives. Economically, this system helped Virginia prosper, this was because of the wealthy landowners establishing their…show more content…
Politically, The House of Burgesses was important because it allowed for the colonists to make and revise laws within the colony. Economically, it led to the development of better prices for goods in Virginia, representatives within the House of Burgesses could change prices of goods, such as tobacco, if the suppliers, and producers, were charging too

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